Understanding Your Roof Warranty At Etheridge Roofing

Congratulations on the purchase of your new roof ! Now let’s make sure it is

warranty protected and you understand your coverage. If your roof has a leak, you

want to assure it is covered in your warranty to avoid losing thousands of dollars. Let’s

go over what a roof warranty is and what types of warranties we offer at Etheridge



What is a roof warranty?

A roof warranty is normally issued by your roof’s manufacturer. Receiving this warranty

means that your roof was installed by a warranty eligible contractor and was then

inspected by the manufacturer for correct installation. No worries here, as Etheridge

Roofing is fully eligible and our warranties are with our manufacturer.

Most roof warranties require annual inspections and documentation of maintenance.

Make sure you are aware of all the requirements of your specific warranty to avoid

losing your coverage and voiding your warranty. Upkeep and maintenance does not

only protect you from losing your warranty but it will also extend the life of your roof.

Please note that Manufacturer Warranties will not cover third party damages. It is best

to ask for before and after photos when a third party is involved to insure no confusion

if you find damages.


Types of Warranties at Etheridge Roofing:

Our standard Roofing Warranty is a “No Dollar Limit” (NDL) Warranty. This warranty

works exactly how it sounds, it will provide a no dollar limit for labor and material to fix

roof leaks AS LONG as it is warranty related. Meaning, it does not cover damage due

to mistreatment of the roof. It could, however, include not only materials but

manufacturer approved accessories, insulation, and metal work used during the

installation. Typically, these warranties provide coverage for 15-20 years.

We also offer a “Membrane only” Warranty. The cost of this warranty is less since you

also receive fewer coverage. It does not protect you against leaks or labor, only faults

in the material itself.


Understanding everything your warranty entails can be daunting, that is why it is

recommended that you sit with your contractor and communicate what will and will not

be covered before the work begins.


We know this can be a lot of information, that is why we will be diving into more details

in further posts.