Improve your commercial roof’s performance in 2023


Your roof is one of the most important parts of your building. It protects you from the elements, and when insulated correctly, can even help your business save energy. But over time, roofs can fall into disrepair and need to be replaced. If you want to avoid these expensive repairs and replacement costs in the new year, you should consider implementing a preventive maintenance plan on your commercial roof now.


Invest in a flat roof maintenance program

Regular maintenance is important for any commercial roof, but particularly for a flat roof. A regular maintenance program will help you keep tabs on things before they become problems and prevent them from happening in the first place.


This means that it’s important to have a good contractor who can perform regular inspections and conduct repairs before there are any problems. You want someone who has experience with your type of roofing system and knows what to look for when performing an inspection. If you do not have an existing trusted contractor and are located in North Carolina, South Carolina or Virginia. Etheridge Roofing is here to help. 


Once you've found a contractor, make sure they're reputable by checking reviews online (you can also ask friends or colleagues) and making sure they're licensed and insured. Make sure the contract includes everything you need so there are no surprises later: what materials will be used; how long it should take; whether there's a warranty included; etc.


Prevent water infiltration

  • Make sure your contractor is using the correct materials in order to prevent water infiltration

  • Install a drainage system

  • Remove debris from roof. A build up of debris around a drain can cause water to infiltrate under the roofing system causing damage and leaks.

  • Evaluate all penetrations to ensure caulking is providing adequate seal.


Protect your roof from falling debris

If you’re a business owner, you know that exterior cleaning is an important part of keeping your property in top condition. However, you may not realize how damaging fallen leaves and other debris can be to the roof of your commercial building. Not only do they cause damage to the roof itself, but they also pose potential dangers for people in the area as well. For example:


  • Damage to roofing materials—When heavy objects such as rocks or branches fall on top of commercial roofs, this can cause severe damage that could lead to leaking and other problems with functionality. Roofs can also develop holes when large items are thrown at them from above ground level (for example, if someone throws a rock through an open window).

  • Damage to the building—Debris that fell onto an occupied building could create hazardous conditions for occupants if it causes structural damage like cracks or holes in walls; this type of damage often requires repairs before it becomes more serious. Disruptions like these will increase costs associated with operating businesses.


Regularly inspect the condition of your roof


Man inspecting roof


When inspecting your commercial roof, there are a number of important details to look for. First, check for leaks and damage to the roof membrane. If you notice any areas with discoloration or bubbling in the membrane, get this repaired as soon as possible. Next, inspect the roof decking for any signs of cracks. If any are visible, this could indicate problems with your insulation or flashing systems and must be examined further by a professional roofing contractor who can determine whether these issues need to be addressed now or if they can wait until later on in the year when colder weather has passed.


Next up: Check that all flashings are intact and not damaged by water penetration. This includes checking around chimneys; around vent pipes; at seams between different types of building materials; etcetera... Any damage could lead to leaks so make sure everything is intact before continuing!


A preventive maintenance plan can help you spot signs of trouble and fix them before they lead to major issues.

A preventive maintenance plan can help you spot signs of trouble and fix them before they lead to major issues.


Maintenance isn't just for your car or home—your commercial roof needs it too. Regular inspections and repairs can help keep your building's structure safe from damage, keeping everything from leaks to windborne debris at bay. To protect yourself from costly repairs in the future, we recommend having a comprehensive inspection twice per year by an expert with years of experience in the field.


Not only is a preventative maintenance a key to extending the life of your commercial roof, but some manufacturers require roof maintenance to be completed for the warranty to remain in place.


In short, here are a few ways to improve your commercial roof’s performance in 2023:

Invest in a flat roof maintenance program.

Protect your roof from falling debris.

Regularly inspect the condition of your roof and repair any issues before they lead to major problems.

Make sure you’re prepared for emergencies by having adequate insurance coverage; it may even be worth considering having an emergency fund set aside specifically for unexpected repairs on top of everything else!