Extend the life of your Commercial Roof

Do you ever stop to think about the life of your commercial roof ? Probably not, doesn’t seem like a priority on a day to day basis. However, damage to your roof has the potential to halt your business completely. Taking care of your roof and installation now could help you avoid losing business and spending more money in the long run.


Let’s extend the life of your commercial roof by following these tips:


1. Schedule regular inspections and maintenance.

Don’t wait until there is a major problem to call for help. Catch it before it becomes an issue by scheduling regular inspections and maintenance. A commercial roof inspection is highly recommended twice a year; quarterly if possible. These inspections provide you with knowledge of potential problems on your roof such as ponding water, cracks, uplifted seams, uplifted nails or shingles and much more.


It is much cheaper to invest in maintenance than it is to replace the entire roof.


2. Keep your roof clean.


We don’t spend a ton of time thinking of our roofs, so we miss all the debris and water that can accumulate on top of them. Not only does this add weight to your roof, but can allow mold and mildew to grow affecting the quality of your roof surface material.


By regularly cleaning your commercial roof, you can easily extend the life of your roof without investing money.


3. Limit the foot traffic on your roof.

Going back to one of our previous blogs on keeping a commercial roofing log; when you keep a log you are creating a list of all the activity that goes on top of your roof including; HVAC services, contractors, and anyone who needs access to your roof.


The largest wear and tear on commercial roofs is due to foot traffic. By keeping this log, it will help you keep track of, and minimize the amount of individuals who frequent your roof.


We hope these tips are helpful, if you have any questions let us know as we are your commercial roofing experts.