Commercial Roof Replacement: What to expect

Congrats, you're getting a new commercial roof! Though this is an exiting investment for your business/building, we understand you may have some questions.


  • What does the process for a commercial roof replacement look like?

  • How long will it take?

  • Will it disrupt my business?


Let's go through what you can expect during your commercial roof replacement.


What does the process for a commercial roof replacement look like?


  1. Choosing a contractor: you want your roofing contractor to be qualified in commercial roofs, have a track record of successful projects and happy customers, and you want to make sure they are properly licensed and insured.

  2. Choosing your roofing material: this is a chance to switch to a material that is more efficient or you can always stay with the one you already have. If you want more information on commercial flat roofing materials, read our previous blog : A Guide To Commercial Flat Roofing Materials

  3. Your contractor gets to work: this process consists of removing the old roof material, inspecting your roof deck for any parts that are worn out, prepping the roof deck for installation and finally, installing the new roofing system.


How long will all this take?

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There are different factors that help determine the longevity of this process:


  • The surface area of your roof

  • Old roof removal

  • Any issues found after the old roof removal : it is common to find issues in the roof's integrity during the removal. These issues need to be spotted and replaced before installing the new roofing material.

  • Weather: harsh weather, specially strong winds or heavy rainfall can affect the time required to replace your commercial roof.

  • Number of penetrations: HVAC, drains, etc. These penetrations require new flashing and sealing to prevent leaks.


Your contractor will always try to work as quickly as possible while not compromising the quality of work. You will always be provided with an estimated timeline for your project but that timeline can always be extended due to any of the factors above.


Will it disrupt my business?


The right contractor will work alongside you to determine the best scenario so as to not heavily disrupt your business.


Roof replacements normally have less impact on your day to day business than interior repairs/remodeling or parking lot repairs.


Keep in mind that some noise is inevitable, but we always do our best to keep it to a minimum.


In the end: Choosing the right contractor will give you peace of mind on many of these questions. Etheridge Roofing will proudly answer all your questions and take the stress out of replacing your commercial flat roof.