What is a Roof Log & Why You Should Keep One


A Roof Log is a list of all the activity that takes place on top of your commercial roof. We will soon get into more detail of everything that should be documented on this log, but let’s discuss the ‘why’. One of the most important reasons to keep a Roof Log is that your warranty coverage may depend on it. Many warranties require annual inspections and to see documentation of maintenance. You could run the risk of losing your coverage if you do not provide proof of documented maintenance. 


Not only are you protecting yourself by keeping this log, but you are also helping to extend the life of your roof. Commercial roofs experience a great number of foot traffic. Did you know that the largest cause for wear and tear of roofs is not due to animals or weather, but large amounts of foot traffic. By documenting everything that takes place on your roof, you are saving yourself headaches by discovering a problem early on, rather than when it is too late. Do yourself a favor and keep a Roof Log. Your roof and warranty provider will thank you for it. 


Of course every roof is different and what you include in your log will be personal to your location. There are, however, a couple of things every commercial roof owner should be documenting : 


  • Previous repairs : A separate item for each repair that has been done to your roof. It will also benefit you to ask for before and after photos of any repairs done. 
  • Any visible damage written out in detail and date of discovery. 
  • Documentation of all foot traffic your roof experiences. This includes HVAC services, contractors, and anyone who needs access to your roof. Use this list to also limit the amount of foot traffic on your roof. 
  • Ask any contractor or service provider that steps on your roof to inform you of tools that will be used and document them. 


You may use any format you feel comfortable with. It could be handwritten in a notebook or typed out in an excel sheet; what matters is the information and the habit of creating it. If you haven’t already started, what are you waiting for!